A good day at the Berkshire championships

Our archers had a very good day at the Berkshire championships. Harry had bronze in the double WA70 with an impressive score of 1014, Martin won the gold in the compound WA50, along with a good portion of the raffle prizes. He wasn’t there to receive his prizes but we were under instructions to ” GET ALCOHOL”.! Steve won bronze in the WA60 novice recurve with a score of 412.  I should of shot better than that but it was a bit blowy, the sun was in my eyes, and i’m sure my arrows are wonky plus loads of other excuses. definitely not operator error… 🙂

Bob and Allison were shooting the WA40, Bob scored 485 and Allison scored an impressive 582.! With scores like that they’re ready to tackle the next level up i reckon.!

Emma was also shooting in the compound WA50 but retired part way through due to operator and equipment failure. ! 🙂  The fletch ripped off one arrow and another shattered into 3 pieces ! an achievement like that deserves a medal in itself !!

Broken Arrow..!!