Clout shooting takes place mainly in the winter months when the woodland field course is shut for the pheasant shooting season.

We shoot from the far corner of the field near the gate diagonally to a flag in the corner near the lake, a distance of 180 yards for gentlemen, 140 yards for ladies and varying distances for juniors.

The object is to land your arrows within 12 feet of the flag to score.

Distance from flag Points scored
18 inches 5
3 feet 4
6 feet 3
9 feet 2
12 feet 1

Longbows may shoot a high trajectory. Other classes of bows must shoot the lower trajectory.

We shoot Clout at least one Sunday morning a month throughout the winter period depending upon the weather. Clout shooting is fantastic fun and great exercise as every time you collect and score your arrows and walk back you have walked about 400 yards, so for the complete round you could walk in the region of one and a half miles, and what’s better than a nice stroll on a winter’s Sunday morning?  A morning shooting arrows as well, of course.