As at 27 April 2018 we are experiencing problems getting email through to BT Internet addresses, so please use , or if you wish to contact either the Safeguarding Officer or the Social Secretary.

The 2018–19 Committee members are:

  • Acting Chairman
    Pete Wright —
  • Secretary
    Emma Johnson —
  • Treasurer
    Anne-Marie Wright —
  • Maintenance Officer
  • Coaching Officer
    Pete Wright —
  • Field Representative
    Phil Carpenter —
  • Safeguarding Officer
    Martin Day —
  • Records Officer
    Hilary Stanton —
  • Equipment Officer
    Phil Carpenter —
  • Junior Representative

Assisting the Committee we have:

  • Social Secretary
    Caroline Beaney —

If you would like to take on any of the vacant Committee positions, please contact the Chairman, the Secretary or the Treasurer.

Please let the Secretary know about any matters for the Committee to discuss. The next meeting is on: