Field Shooting Safety Rules

Always ensure that the warning signs are in place before shooting.  If using the practice area please place  warning signs at that point.

To shoot the woods there must be at least two  Buscot park members present ( Over 18 ). Any adult members wishing to use the practice butts in the wood may do so solo as long as other members are target shooting in the adjacent field. Juniors must be accompanied by an adult preferably a parent or guardian.

On hearing STOP, HALT, FAST or HOLD, or on hearing three blasts on a whistle you must cease shooting immediately and must not continue until told that it is safe to do so.

There is to be NO SMOKING in any part of the wood. There is an opportunity for an archer to smoke between targets 8 and 9 on the walk along the road between those targets.

Anyone found or seen to be acting improperly or suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (prescription or other) will be removed from the woods.

Shooting Times

Shooting times for the woods are Wednesday and Friday evenings from 4:00 PM until dusk, and all day on Sundays.

Safety Rules

  1. DO NOT walk around the woods with arrows in your hand
  2. DO NOT loose and arrow if you cannot see where it will land
  3. DO NOT loose an arrow if your footing is not secure
  4. NEVER high draw
  5. NEVER point your bow at anyone or any animal, with or without an arrow loaded.
  6. NEVER run in the woods.
  7. KEEP BACK while other members of your group are shooting or extracting arrows from the target—give them room.
  8. When searching for arrows always leave an adult member of your group in front of the target or at that target’s pegs where they can be seen.
  9. Please ensure that a group preceding you is WELL CLEAR of the target you wish to shoot before starting to shoot it.
  10. PAUSE SHOOTING in order to let horses go by. They aren’t used to string and arrow noise.
  11. Targets 1 to 8 and target 11 are all walk-backs, so please leave your bows near the pegs
  12. If serching for lost arrows behind target 9 please do not cross the barrier between target 9 and the overshoot behind target 10 without first checking that no-one is shooting target 10
  13. Please follow the yellow direction arrows around the woods and stay on the paths where possible.
  14. Please be aware that there are TRIP HAZARDS around the woods such as rabbit holes, fallen branches, roots and tree stumps…
  15. …and finally please cover up well as there are numerous insects that like to have a nibble at exposed flesh, and be especially aware of DEER TICKS that may carry Lyme’s Disease

These rules and advice are there for your enjoyment of the woods in safety. If anyone spots a potential safety concern or has a query, please let me know so that it can be looked at and, hopefully, rectified.

Derek Hill
Field Representative

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