Buscot Park Field course is laid out amidst approximately  9 acres of beautiful unspoilt deciduous woodland that lies adjacent to Buscot Park target field. The course is shot throughout the year and is open on Wednesday and Friday evenings 4pm onwards and Sundays all day from 9am onwards and is only closed for the pheasant shooting season (1st October–1st February).

The woods are spectacularly beautiful throughout the seasons but are particularly splendid in the spring when they are carpeted with bluebells and many other varieties of woodland flora.

The course at present consists of 16 targets set at distances ranging from approximately 4 yards to 50 yards and variously unmarked distances between. Members go around in groups of two to six depending on numbers present and shooting a full course takes about 2 to 3 hours, the time taken depends on the skill and accuracy of the archers.

Archers over 16 shoot Red/White/Blue pegs in that order, juniors shoot various colour pegs depending on their age. Each archer shoots from their respective coloured pegs but stop shooting when they have scored on the target. If you miss from Red you move to White, if you miss from White you move to Blue, if you miss from Blue you fail to score on that target.

Points are scored as follows:

Peg Kill Wound
Red 20 16
White 14 10
Blue 8 4

The variety of targets and distances shot make field archery extremely challenging, very enjoyable and great fun for all who try it. So if you find target archery a bit regimented and boring why not try your hand at field shooting in our magnificent woodland, you will love it.