Bowmen of Burleigh’s Berkshire Friendly

Saturday 3rd August 2019

Hosts &               Bowmen of Burleigh
Venue:               Cantley Park Playing Fields, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 5QG
Organisers:        Andrew Parnell, Andy Cotterell and Barry Walker
Rounds:              All rounds will be 10-zone scoring on 122cm faces, 6 arrows per end. Ends will be shot in details, depending of numbers of applicates this will either be 2 or 3 archers per detail.

                             There are 4 rounds available which are open to any competitor.
The rounds are:
WA900               – 2.5dozen (30 arrows) at 60m, 50m and 40m, max score 900.
Burleigh900       – 2.5dozen (30 arrows) at 50m, 40m and 30m, max score 900.
Berkshire900     – 2.5dozen (30 arrows) at 40m, 30m and 20m, max score 900.
Mini900              – 2.5dozen (30 arrows) at 30m, 20m and 10m, max score 900.
Awards:              As much as we like shiny objects, there will be no official medals, however, there may be opportunity to win some other prizes throughout the day.
Fees:                   £2 to be paid on the day
Entries:               This competition is open to any member who is associated with Berkshire Archery and Archery GB. Please complete the attached entry form and return it to the contact details provided at the top of the form.
Closing Date:     Friday 26th July 2019.
Day layout:        10:30am             – Assembly
                             10:45am             – Two ends of practice at longest distance
                             There will be a break for lunch after the first distance.
Rules and Dress:         Participants are expected to adhere to standard rules of shooting, and to wear appropriate clothing for shooting.
Parking and Accessibility:      Car parking and toilets nearby. Main access to the field is over a stile from the carpark. Gate access can be organised if information is given on entry, however, this will require a short walk across the neighbouring field.
Refreshments: Tea/Coffee/Cake available all day.
                             BBQ lunch will be available at lunchtime
                             Suggested donations for all food and drink.

Photography:    All persons wishing to take still and/or moving photography during the event must provide personal details at the registration table.
Targets:              Depending on numbers of applicates there may be a mix of Danage foam and straw bosses.
Smoking:            Smoking including e-cigarettes will only be permitted behind the tent ling. Smoking is not permitted in the clubhouse or any other buildings on site, i.e. the toilets.
Liability:              Bowmen of Burleigh and Wokingham council DO NOT accept any responsibility for loss, damage or injury, however caused.
GDPR:                 By entering the Bowmen of Burleigh Berkshire Friendly, you agree that information may be collected and shared with tournament organisers, scoring systems, Archery GB and other competitors. Some information may also be published in documents or lists relating to the event at a schedule decided by the organisers. These include the entrant’s name, gender, bow style, age category, round, disability information, email addresses and/or contact numbers provided, club, county, region and any assigned codes for this information.
Email for an entry form.