Archery GB Members

Non-Buscot Park archers who are Archery GB (AGB) members may shoot as guests. They must request permission in advance either from the Coaching Officer for target or clout shooting, or the Field Representative for field archery, show their valid AGB membership card, pay the visitors’ charge of £5, and be signed in to the visitors book.

Field course

AGB members may shoot as guests under the same rules as for target archers (see above). Non-AGB-members considering joining Buscot Park Archers may, by arrangement, be walked round the course by the Field Representative or another senior archer if required, but they may not shoot until they have joined Buscot Park Archers.


One Sunday per month may be designated as a Taster Session, and be run in accordance with Archery GB’s Code of Practice for Archery Events. Non-Archery GB members may shoot provided they or a member sponsoring them requests the permission of the Coaching Officer (Pete) in advance of their wish to do so. They must enter their name and contact details in the visitors’ book (kept in the top drawer in the hut) under the supervision of that day’s duty coach. Clout days will not be nominated as Taster Sessions.

There will be no Taster Sessions in the woods. AGB liability insurance does not cover them.