The Target Field at Buscot Park has to be one of the most beautiful rural settings in all of England in which to enjoy archery. The field is ringed by glorious deciduous trees, with woods on one side, a lake on another, and a lovely old thatched cricket pavilion as a backdrop.

Club shooting times are Wednesday evenings, Friday evenings and Sunday mornings, other evenings may have beginners courses running, so checking with the coaching officer would be advisable before going to the field on those evenings. Club members can shoot at Buscot Park target field anytime that they wish to, as long as there are two members present for safety. Buscot Park Archers must be fairly unusual in that members can shoot as and when they wish, and some of our retired couples enjoy shooting and picnicking at the field throughout the sunny summer days.

The field is marked in both metric and Imperial distances up to 90 metres and 100 yards, but the distances that are shot on a regular basis are 80, 60 and 50 yards and 70 metres.

New members who have completed the induction course normally start at 20, 30 and 40 yards and progress through the distances as their marksmanship improves.

We cater for most bow styles from compound and recurve to the more traditional bows such as longbows, but we do not permit crossbows.

In the summer months you can even hear the sound of leather on willow and watch the cricket as you enjoy your archery, but if cricket is being played we do put out warning flags and a rope between the archery range and the cricket pitch.

We are 400 yards from a main road, so if you are looking for a nice quiet relaxing club in a fantastically beautiful country setting in which to enjoy your archery, why not visit us at Buscot Park and live the dream?