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2019 club championships

September 15th was the day of the club target championships. It was a lovely sunny day and plenty of archers of all abilities and bow types turned up to have a go, right from seasoned archers with their hi tech compound and recurve bows, the guys with their more traditional long bows to our new junior members with their recurves. The medals and awards were given to the winners at the end but really it was about all getting together and enjoying the day.


A good day at the Berkshire championships

Our archers had a very good day at the Berkshire championships. Harry had bronze in the double WA70 with an impressive score of 1014, Martin won the gold in the compound WA50, along with a good portion of the raffle prizes. He wasn’t there to receive his prizes but we were under instructions to ” GET ALCOHOL”.! Steve won bronze in the WA60 novice recurve with a score of 412.ย  I should of shot better than that but it was a bit blowy, the sun was in my eyes, and i’m sure my arrows are wonky plus loads of other excuses. definitely not operator error… ๐Ÿ™‚

Bob and Allison were shooting the WA40, Bob scored 485 and Allison scored an impressive 582.! With scores like that they’re ready to tackle the next level up i reckon.!

Emma was also shooting in the compound WA50 but retired part way through due to operator and equipment failure. ! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  The fletch ripped off one arrow and another shattered into 3 pieces ! an achievement like that deserves a medal in itself !!

Broken Arrow..!!




2019 clout competition

B.P.A Clout competition 17th March 2019


Well there was eventually a break in the weather allowing the competition to take place. It actually turned out to be a nice bright morning, though it was a little on the chilly side..! even the wind had died down allowing the arrows to stay in roughly the right direction so any ramblers in the area were safe too..!


Getting ready to shoot

Getting ready to shoot

Some of the bows used by the archers




It was a brilliant morning for all that took part regardless of skill level

Of course, after shooting there is the long walk to see how well you have done. If nothing else, you get some exercise in.!

ย  ย 

How can you not have a great time when you’re surrounded with sights like this??


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Harlequin “Diana” shoot application form


The Diana Competition is being held at Harwell on Sunday 2nd of June.ย  The rounds that are being shot are Albion, Windsor, short windsor, junior windsor and short junior windsor .

If you don’t know what the different rounds are then click here

So far only 2 of us are going so would be nice for a few more to come along..! ๐Ÿ™‚

Harlequin Novice Shoot — 17 Feb 2019

Six members of the club went to theย  Harlequin Bowmen novice shoot. Emma came away with a third in the ladies’ compound, Steve came second in the novice recurve, and Bob scored a personal best. Hilary, Alison and Sarah all shot well and had a great afternoon.

Many thanks to Kathy for support before and during the shoot!